Yeramaw Luel Import Export PLC:

Our focus lies in importing food products, medicine, and steel, while exporting coffee, tea, flowers, and oil seeds.

Who We Are

Welcome to Yeramaw Luel Import Export PLC, where our mission is to uplift health and enrich lives through exceptional imports and exports. With a focus on medicine, steel, and nutritious foods, we are committed to delivering excellence in all facets of our offerings.

Our dedication to global well-being drives us to provide top-quality goods that foster health and vitality. From essential medicines to nutritious foods and robust steel, we strive to enhance lives worldwide.

As proud stewards of Ethiopia's renowned coffee heritage, we celebrate our nation's agricultural excellence while championing health and prosperity.

At Yeramaw Luel Import Export PLC, integrity, quality, and customer satisfaction are our cornerstones.

Our Mission

Our mission is to Supplying high-quality imports & exports, prioritizing health-centric products. Promoting Ethiopia's heritage globally with integrity and sustainability.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a Pioneering Ethiopia's global presence through rich heritage and sustainable exports. Leading the way in excellence and economic growth.


Empower Ethiopian businesses by facilitating global market access, promote sustainable development through ethical trade, and enhance the reputation of Ethiopian products worldwide.

Our Services

We export these products internationally.
Oil Seeds

Coffee and Tea

We export premium coffee and tea from global plantations, enriching palates worldwide.

Oil Seeds

Oil Seeds

Supplying global markets with premium oil seeds, cultivating excellence in every harvest.

Oil Seeds


Experience nature's poetry in our vibrant, meticulously exported Ethiopian blooms.

We import these products.

Oil Seeds


Importing fine medicines, prioritizing your well-being for healing care.

Oil Seeds

Food Products

Bringing global flavors to your table with premium food imports for culinary delight.

Oil Seeds


Importing steel creations: enduring quality for lasting satisfaction.

We provides the following types of coffee to the market

Enriching the world with the finest Ethiopian coffee exports.

Specialty Coffees: Washed and Sundried/Unwashed Coffees

  • Sidamo
  • Limu
  • Guji
  • Yirgacheffe
  • Kefa
  • Gelana

Commercial Coffee Washed

  • Yirgacheffe
  • Sidama
  • Limu
  • Guji
  • Lekempti
  • Natural Proceed Coffees

    • Sidamo
    • Guji
    • Jimma
    • Yergacheffe
    • Lekemte
    • Harar

    This is why You Us

    • 01 Global Impact:

      By working with us, you become part of a movement dedicated to enhancing global well-being and prosperity through the exportation of Ethiopia's rich cultural heritage and top-tier imports.

    • Our quality policy centers around three core pillars: our customers, our farmers, and environmental stewardship.

    • Trust is the cornerstone of our services. At Yeramaw Luel Import Export PLC, our transparent and reliable operations ensure you can rely on us with confidence.


    Discover Excellence: Elevating Trade, Enriching Lives.

    Visit Us: Monday to Friday, 2:00 AM - 11:00 AM & Saturday, 2:00 AM - 6:00 AM

    Our hard working team

    Birhanu Wolde

    General Manager

    Daniel Hailegabriel

    Export Manager

    Yonas Lakew

    Finance Manager

    Yordanos Gebru

    HR Manager

    Samuel Toshe

    Financial Analyst

    Yishak Teame

    Financial Analyst

    Kifle legesse

    Coffee Quality Controller Manager

    Belete Tesfaye

    Coffee Quality Controller

    Roman Woldesenbet


    Addis Hailemariam


    Frequently Asked Questions

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    We Offer full-service as much as possible, Do not hesitate to contact us.


    2Q2P+JJ7, U.Road, Addis Ababa


    0911249919 / 0911258799

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